Life and Work of Anup Rej

A Renaissance Man

Anup Rej was born in Kolkata, India in a liberal Bengali family where the spirit of the nineteenth and early twentieth century Bengali renaissance still remained alive through a passionate engagement in Eastern and Western literature, arts, philosophies and social-political ideologies. From early childhood he imbibed ideas of universal values and love for knowledge. He received his Ph.D. in theoretical Nuclear Physics from the University of Calcutta before he moved to Oslo, Norway in 1971. After working in the University of Oslo and University of Trondheim in theoretical Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics, he  went to live in Switzerland with his Norwegian wife – a career diplomat - whom he married in 1975. Later, while his wife was serving as a diplomat in the Norwegian Permanent Mission at the UN in New York on issues of human rights and humanitarian affairs, he developed deep interests in the situations of human rights and conflicts in the world.
While in Switzerland (Bern and Geneva) his activities in physics shifted towards cosmology, which was fashionable among the particle physicist at CERN during the early 1980s. His interests in a new theory of the universe began at that time. However, his career as a physicist came abruptly to an end with the death of their only son Ånun, who was bereaved of life only at the age of ten in a gondola accident on the Alps in 1990. He left physics and went in an inner journey in search of meaning and purpose of life. During this period he wrote an epic called “Journey of Tathagata” relating the wandering of the universal man (of whom all individuals are parts), who comes and goes life after life. In this book of poetry, music, philosophy, mythology and religion he summarized his understanding of the nature of human consciousness, and the meaning of existence.

He returned to physics once again when he moved to Seoul in 1994, where his wife served as the Ambassador of Norway to the Republic   
“A man whose life has swung between reason and rationality and an inner mystical presence of God”
of Korea. At that time his interest switched to chaos theory and non-linear dynamics. With it, he first proposed the multi-fractal nature of a designed universe in 1999 in a lecture at the University of Oslo. Since then he has been pursuing the ideas of the creation of a universe without beginning and end, where time exists in the background of a timeless design (Timelessness in Time).

During his stay in Seoul, he made a debut as an artist with an exhibition of oil paintings entitled,  ”Art Without Beginning and End: Moving Through the Cycle of Life, Death and Resurrection” at Seoul Arts Center.  Since then his activities in arts, science, literature and philosophy etc. have all converged towards exploring the cosmic nature of human existence, which is inseparably entangled with the micro and macro cosmos.

During the period 2000-2005 he had lived in Bangkok as a spouse of an Ambassador, while developing his ideas about new cosmology and creating multimedia-presentations of his different works for the digital age. From 2010 to 2013 he lived in Dhaka, where his wife served as the Ambassador of Norway to Bangladesh. Parts of the book “Vision of an Enlightened World: Cosmic Perspective in Building a New Social-Political-Order” was written during his stay in Bangladesh.









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