Life and Work of Anup Rej Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Cosmology
Without Beginning and End

Research in theoretical nuclear physics, particle physics and cosmology

Anup Rej received his masters degree in Physics from IIT, Kharagpur, Inida with Solid State Physics as specialization. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Calcutta in theoretical nuclear physics (elementary particle interactions with atomic nuclei) on the thesis “Photo-production of Mesons off Complex Nuclei”. He went to Norway by receiving a government fellowship and did his post-doctoral works in the nuclear physics groups in the University of Oslo and University of Trondheim. He started working in high-energy elementary particle physics from early 1980s when his interest shifted to cosmology. After working in higher-order theory of gravity, which stems from string theory for a while he abandoned research in physics and sank into philosophical pursuits to cope with the tragedy of loss of his only son in an accident in 1990. After some years, he was attracted by chaos theory and returned to physics again. In this period of search for an answer of the mystery of creation, he came across the                  
astrophysical problems concerning the explosions occurring in the universe which poured enormous amounts of gamma-rays - the phenomena known as Gamma-Ray Bursts. While studying the GRBs he stepped into a totally unknown territory of computer analysis of cosmic objects including galaxies and clusters of galaxies. These analysis convinced him about a different nature of creation than what the Big-Bang proponents had proposed.   He believed that he had got an answer to the mystery of the universe which he had been searching all his life. In the turn of the millennium he proposed the view of an eternal universe without beginning and end and wrote a book called “Timelessness in Time in a Designed Universe”. This understanding of the universe had an impact on his view about the ethical and moral questions of life and shaped his vision of an enlightened  social-political order in the world.
“In search of enlightenment I started the journey of life along the path of science. On the way I got lost. When I found an enlightened way I lost the path of science.”
                                                                                                                                               -Anup Rej




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“ From the universe to atoms the life is embraced with a wonder which can not be grasped by human intelligence. Anup Rej has aspired to penetrate this wonder  through activities springing from a source, which he perceives as the presence of a cosmic mind. ”