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Without Beginning and End

A creation of the universe without Big-bang

Timelessness in Time: Universe a great symphony

The universe exists eternally while following a universal dynamics of creation, evolution, death and regeneration at all scales.  It uses similar mechanisms in forming structures how small or large they may be. The structures take  birth, and evolve inside its mother structure as results of evolution taking place in the mother structure itself. The mother structure takes birth and evolves as caused by the evolution taking place in its mother in turn, and so on... It continues in larger and larger scales. Thus every birth, evolution and death is a consequence of what is happening in its mother structure and thus everything in the universe are totally entangled together. What happens here brings forth consequences somewhere else causing an ever fluctuating universe, which locally appears and disappears everywhere, while a global design remains intact everywhere in all scales. Thus the universe resembles a fractal pattern of a complex knot, which is made of  smaller knots, which in turn are made of  even smaller  knots. These knots follow an evolutionary pattern causing the structures to age. The loose knots are associated with new born and younger structures and they are more flat in shape, while the tighter knots are older structures and more spherical in form. The dynamics of formation is accompanied by collapse towards the centre as well as ejections taking place from the centre of the evolving objects. One may imagine the universe to be an ornament studded with jewels where the individual gems vary in intensities and fluctuate everywhere - intensely  burning at birth and then gradually turning dimmer as they age. The life of one  
object  becomes the death of the other and vice versa. All the gems are woven together as a whole. In this ornament,  although things fluctuate everywhere, the entire pattern, holding the ornament together as a whole, does not change anytime. Thus, while a timeless design holds all occurrences in the universe in harmonious whole, the local fluctuations brings forth the consciousness of time.

Time is thus contained in a design which is timeless.  This design bears a profound order embedded in scales after scales... penetrating smaller and smaller dimensions and has ordered everything to act in unison as a cosmic symphony. This symphony is infinitely deep in structure, unfathomably complex in its arrangement reflecting an inconceivable intelligence acting behind it. It contains all existing beings, and puts all things in their appropriate course from birth to death leading everything  along entangled loops, which has no beginning and end in space. It is not someone creating something. Instead, through the mediation of the triple spiral the micro-structures feed back energy to larger structures to sustain the existence of the macro-world. The macro-world keeps the micro-worlds in existence by supplying nourishment to them. Things which create something are created by others in turn. The creator and the created ones are inseparably dependent on each other and tied in an entangled  whole.  
“Universe attracts and repels, draws things inward and sends things outwards creating a timeless design existing in all scales which is the source of order  in the macro and micro structures in the cosmos”
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“ From the universe to atoms the life is embraced with a wonder which can not be grasped by human intelligence. Anup Rej has aspired to penetrate this wonder  through activities springing from a source, which he perceives as the presence of a cosmic mind. ”

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