Life and Work of Anup Rej Tathagata- A Divine Comedy for Our Time

Journey of the universal man through different realms of consciousness

Anup Rej started planning to write an epic in 1980 when he lived in Bern, Switzerland.  However It did not materialize for many years. Everytime he made an attempt to write about the journey of the universal man, which he was making in his inner realm, he was struck by unfortunate events. The first time he began seriously  to write it was in 1986, when his father, the biggest inspiration of his life died. Then he did not try it again for  a few yeats before his son was bereaved of life in an accident  in 1990. After  experiencing a deep grief of loosing the  two most beloved persons of his life, the writing finally began in Geneva in 1991. It was inspired by Dante`s Divine Comedy and Homer`s Odyssey. The old plans and ideas were abandoned and an inner Guide took over the power of writing.  One day after watching the sunrise and setting moon at the same time in the sky over  the graveyard where his son Ånun was burried, he came home and started composing ”A Modern Odyssey Between the Islands of the Sun and the Moon”. However, the writing took its own  course without any conscious planning on his side, and it gradually developed into an epic journey where as a part of the universal man he was wandering with his inner guide through different  realms of consciousness in search of love and meaning of existence.  It became a book of  more than two thousand pages. The last part called the ”Dialogues on the Mountain: Between Man an God ”continued in Seoul where he moved from Geneva. He kept working on it for about ten years. In 2006, an audio rendering of a short version of the book (about 20
hours of recording) was made and published in India as ”Journey of Tathagata”. He has created several websites in the internet about this book and made an interactive multimedia book containing music, video, and art works. The short version, which was renderefd in audio in 2006, was printed in 2014 as ”Books of Existence” series. It is avaliable  through  all major bookstores in the internet.

This  «Divine Comedy» of the contemporary world  will ake the readers through the realms of poetry, philosophy,  mythology, spirituality, religion,and cosmos revealing the vision of a multi-dimensional reality which is interpenetrated and colored by  different realms of consciousness -  from the frivolous sphere of the instinct-bound man to the cosmic radiance of an enlightened mind.  Some may call this enigmatic book  an epic journey of mankind; some may find an inspiration to philosophical search for meaning of life; some  may experience it as a journey of the soul through spiritual realms in the company of a Cosmic Guide (similar to Dante`s journey in the Divine Comedy).  Those, who wish to travel across the vast territories of the mind, which  may still remain unexplored, will get an elevated perspective in finding ways of living in the modern time ruled by  science and technology. The book is divided into three parts: 1) Mythical man returning to the instinct-bound world; 2) Journey through the realms of poetry, mythology, philosophy and cosmos; 3) Superman, spiritual man and the enlightened way.
As part of Tathagata all individuals come and go life after life and wander through different realms of the mind seeking a path which may bring meaning to life.




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“ From the universe to atoms the life is embraced with a wonder which can not be grasped by human intelligence. Anup Rej has aspired to penetrate this wonder  through activities springing from a source, which he perceives as the presence of a cosmic mind. ”