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Dialogues between man and God

Spiritual experiences in the form of suggestions, which were difficult to associate with the will and knowledge of a child, had started appearing in the mind when Anup Rej was about four years old. At that age he saw the spirit appearing as sunlight, flowing as wind and breeze or flying as birds and creatures in nature.  God seemed to impregnate all creations around. As an invisible and imperceptible being, existing everywhere, God spoke to him and gradually formed his dreams and visions of life. The days of  happiness, when the child enjoyed the company of the spirit as a close friend, who never departed unless one wished to shut oneslf  off from its contact, came to an end as Anup Rej followed the career of a scientist. The torments began when he entered his youth. Doubts and disbelief about the existence of someone with whom he had conversed since as a small child started becoming more and more intense. It robbed his peace of mind. At the age of 20 the most dramatic changes occurred when Anup Rej confronted the existence of the invisible one
appearing in the same physical  body as the man himself with whom the spirit had been communicating as an outsider for so many years. Since then the dialolgues with God began. The book ”Dialogues Between Man and God” was published in 2014 as the Books of Existence series. These dialogues  formed the last part of the epic ”Tathagata - A Divine Comedy for Our Time”, where the universal man was seeking answers to the mystery of existence of God and his relations to God.
“ God resides in a hidden and a secret chamber of the mind which remains invisible to the ego and will-bound man. Without sacrificing the will and ego one has no admission to this chamber.”






“ From the universe to atoms the life is embraced with a wonder which can not be grasped by human intelligence. Anup Rej has aspired to penetrate this wonder  through activities springing from a source, which he perceives as the presence of a cosmic mind. ”

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