Life and Work of Anup Rej Vision of An Enlightened World: A Cosmic Perspective
Enlightened democracy based on higher values than market, money and consumption

Social evolution towards a ”higher-man”

Anup Rej   was born in a family of contradictory social background: Mother`s family came from a very rich class of zamindars while father`s family  belonged to  the middle of the Indian middle class. The first ten years of his childhood were spent in rural West Bengal before the  family settled in north Calcutta-  an area where mosltly  middle class, labour class and refugees from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) lived. From there the family moved to central Calcutta and lived in a social millieu surrounded by university academics. He left India in1971 and lived in Oslo and Trondheim  for the first eight years (visitng Switzerland and Germany). His wandering  in the world from place to place began when his wife joined the Foreign Service of Norway. He lived three years in Bern, and  four years in Geneva in Switzerland, the country of oldest democracy in the world. He  also lived in the upper East side of  Manhattan, New Yok for three years when his wife worked in the Permanent Mission of  Norway to the UN. During this time in New York he got a closer understanding of the situations of democracy and human rights in the world. Siince then he remained engaged in the human rights issues. At  that time he also wrote several articles about the situations of democracy in the world. The experience of democracy in a
country, where military generals have formed political parties to take over power through a democratic process, came when we went to live in Seoul, where his wife served as the Norwegian Ambassador. Later she served as Ambassador for Humanitarian Affairs before being appointed as Ambassador to Thailand, Burma and cambodia . Then she served as Ambassador for the Rigjts of Children. The activities of his wife inspired Anup Rej  to remain concerned about the human rights issues in the world. As results of this interest he got a good understanding of the way democracy functions in different countries. His latest experience of democracy came from Bangladesh where his wife served as Ambassador of Norway until 2013. While living in Dhaka he became  interested in the pursuit of empowering the unprivileged by using the modern technology of communication and wrote a book entitled ”Vision of an Enlightened World: A Cosmic Perspective”. The book promotes the idea of enlightened democracy which is based on  values of life other than money, market and consumption. He has recently built a networ king site with the hope of uniting people critical of  the way democracy is practiced in many places.
“Democracy can be foundation of a just society when instead of personal greed and interests it is based on the higher values of life”




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“ From the universe to atoms the life is embraced with a wonder which can not be grasped by human intelligence. Anup Rej has aspired to penetrate this wonder  through activities springing from a source, which he perceives as the presence of a cosmic mind. ”

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