Life and Work of Anup Rej The enlightened retreat is an idea about organizing activities to realize the vision of an enlightened world for the future.

Enlightened retreat

Enlightened retreat is an idea of building a center of activity where the views about the enlightened world can be developed, discussed and brought to maturity. The ideas of enlightenment are pivoted on views about the universe, God, consciousness, meaning and values of life among others. It also revolves around the views about what one associates with the word spirituality. The spirituality may mean different things for different people depending on the knowledge, the cultural upbringing, the religious fears and degree of freedom one may enjoy in a society in exploring the nature of the self. It is also coerced by economic and political interests of some who may possess control of power over core institutions of culture. Thus spirituality has several dimensions including sociology, psychology, philosophy etc. Unless one is able to decipher the dynamics of spirituality dependent on factors which arise from ignorance, power interest, and exploitation of the insecurity of the people, the societies will remain under the grip of a few having advantages of
economic and political power over the others. One needs to get a clearer view about the way freedom of most human beings can be assured and guaranteed against exploitation in order to create an enlightened society. The enlightened retreat would be a place for teaching and throwing lights on these important issues hindering the freedom and development of the evolution of the higher nature of man. The next question is the way to practice the ideas of spirituality which encompass es awareness of the unity of all human beings and the relations all life bear with the cosmos. The practices involve social apparatuses and social agreement about what is right and wrong. The questions of morality are central in this discussion. The enlightened retreat would act as the source of inspiration to seek a moral formula for interactions with the other human beings as well as nature.
“In an enlightened world the scientific man would not be seen as antithesis of the spiritual man, but as a synthesis of man and God living together in a will-bound world governed by laws of nature. ”

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The enlightened retreat seeks to provide a platform for social actions which may bring forth changes conducive to the growth of an enlightened society. The social actions may start with the local conditions of politics. It will educate the population about the spiritual content of life and make them aware about the possibilities of freedom and development of human potentials every human being should enjoy. It will be social forum where all will collaborate and participate in building a more desired society out of knowledge of science and awareness of the meaning and values of life pivoted on spirituality. The next objective will be to erase divisions among human beings based on religion and belief by implanting knowledge which may help human beings to see the mechanisms of control by institutions which have create these divisions. The other action will be to promote the enlightened perspective in a global scale, which will help in the emergence of a universal culture where scientific man and spiritual man will find ways of meaningful collaboration.


The main activities of the enlightened retreat are


Education about science and spirituality which promotes understanding of the nature and the self.

Teach Biology, cosmology, sociology, psychology and philosophy of spirituality in order to bring awareness about the mechanisms imposed by social institutions which hamper the development of freedom and put restrictions on the explorations of the self.

Chart a way of meaningful practice of spirituality which recognizes the knowledge of science in the advancement of the society and will help to erase the divisions among human beings based on religious beliefs and faiths.

Inspire people to social actions with the aim of creating an enlightened world where science and spirituality may coexist as equally necessary power of growth of civilization which would bring forth the evolution of “higher-man”.