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Anup Rej grew up in a family with deep interests in literature and philosophy: From childhood he was exposed to western literature and philosophy. His father, well versed in many languages of the world, translated Goethe and Nietzsche from German and Dostoevskij from Russian while experimented with avant garde literature. He was brought up in a home where  Karl Marx, Hegel, Heidagger, Jasper, Sartre etc. constituted  themes of discussions. Anup Rej started writing poems at an early age. Although he chose to pursue a career in science he maintained his interests in literature and writing all throughout his life. His interests in writing  suffered due to his career as a physicst until the death of his only son Ånun in a gondola accident on the Swiss Alps in 1990. This terrible shock  of loosing the beloved son led him to abandon physics for some years and concentrate on literature and philosophy instead.  It gave birth to an  epic called Tathagata`s Journey. Tathagata is the universal man who comes and goes life after life.  As parts of Tathagata all human beings make their journey of life , which passes through different realms of consciousness. A short version of this epic was rendered in audio in 2006 and this version was published  as a book n 2014 with
“Writing is a process  through which I discover the limitations of the reasoning mind and come in contact with God”

the title ”Tathagata- A Divine Comedy  for Time”. Apart from this book, which had taken him more than ten years to write, he has written a book describing his experiences of God from his childhood and how those experiences have made his life an arena of contradictions and unresoluable conflicts. The book titled ”Born and Unborn” tells the story of  theses conflicts and doubts of a scientific mind, who has submitted again and again to his personal experiences of  the Divine, which can not be understood by a rational mind by using the logic and methods of science. As a final part of the epic he composed a book  dealing with the moral  questions of life. In  that book titled ”Book of Will and World: A Foundation of Moral Universalism” he discussed the questions of  universal moral  from the scientific and rational point of view as opposed to the ideas whose roots lay in a supernatuiral encounter with God. It also includes the supernatural aspect of moral life of human beings.  

”Ånun- An Unfulfilled Symphony” - a book without beginning, which he wrote immediately after the accident, which bereaved Ånun of life, bears the literary  fervour of his philosophical  writings.

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