Life and Work of Anup Rej PAINTINGS & SCULPTURES: Art without beginning and end; Reality myth and Dream; Windows of light , surreal galleries etc.

Invisible spirit appears in colorful robes through the works of arts

Anup Rej started his artistic journey as a child by modelling in clay before he came across water clolors.  His early paintings were mostly experiments with abstract forms. Gradually the invisible spirit  hidden in the inner realm started emerging by wearing surreal faces and thus brought an end to the abstract  world. Art became a way to experience a ghostly hidden world within oneself which was extremely fascinating, This unusual experience to see the self  not known to oneself through conscious mind and  which remains hidden from the reality, kept Anup Rej interested in arts all his life. He called these arts emerging from the uncosncious realm as surreal. This period of  surreal paintings came to an end with the death of his son Ånun. He began painting portraits of Ånun  instead and thus entered a period of fugurative arts with philosophical and mythical content. His first big art project (oil
paintings) was titled ”Arts without Beginning and End Moving Through Life, Death and Resurrection”, where reality, myth and dream had a common boundary. Then he envisioned an exibition where virtual reality  created  by computers and traditional forms of arts could be combined  with other art forms like music and ballet. As to sculpture his first figuartive sculpture was a bust of Ånun and a stone work which decorates Ånun`s grave. He has later experimented with pastel, acrylic, oil and mixed media. He started another big project of paintings a few years ago called ”The Windows of Light”, which involves existential theme and his idea about art which can be experienced in multiple ways. Apart from that he has worked with stone sculptures and art works involving garden landscape.
“Art is a way to explore the dimension of the mind which can not be revealed by any other language ”

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